Brica B-PRO5 Alpha PLUS Review

Camera manufacturer from Hong Kong that is present as a competitor Brica GoPro Excellent quality with cheap price. Brica is famous has-tech and high-quality products and an affordable price. Brica products owned brand is very diverse as Action Cam, Camcorder, BlackBox, Digital Cameras, POWERBANK and DSLR Controller. Brica manufacturer has released an update on the variant of its action-cam that is Brica B-PRO5 Alpha PLUS after the previous B-Pro5 Alpha Edition first released and circulated in the market. The presence of B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS is certainly added to the competition products from china cam action which has been first on the market.

Brica B-PRO5 Alpha PLUS 2

This occasion we will discuss about review, Specs and Price Action Cam Brica B-PRO5 Alpha PLUS. Let us consider the following review below.

The shape of the camera B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS

At first glance his form together with the GoPro Hero 4 and the different on the back where for B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS has provided a 3 inch screen to view the photos or video while the GoPro is not yet available.

The camera sensor B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS

Brica B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS uses a high-quality image sensor 16,35M so as to produce video and picture quality far better crisp and clear.

B-Pro5 camera technology Alpha PLUS

Brica B-PRO5 Alpha PLUS 4

With the latest technology and the best current B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS is able to produce images and video without color distortion so that the resulting color looks like the original.

Ultra HD video recorder 2.5k

Brica B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS is equipped with a 2.5k Ultra HD technology allows you to record video with a resolution of 2.5k or Full HD with 60fps.dengan speed, crisp and sharp like a pro.

Wide angle B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS 170

By widening the angle 170 is capable of capturing images wider and produce stunning images really sophisticated camera action.

Water Proof up to 40M

Dive deeper to produce stunning images. Camera action Brica B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS is able to withstand water pressure up to a depth of 40m.

Wi-Fi View shared and control

Gopro camera B-Pro5 Alpha PLUS is equipped with Wi-Fi making it easier once for you. Allowing users to control via Smartphone or tablet and the images or videos can be directly deposited. Wi-Fi can also be used as a tool to send images to a Smartphone, tablet, and also laptop.

Photo Burst Mode

Gopro camera Brica B-PRO5 Alpha PLUS has burst photo mode, where you can take 16 Megapixel photos as much as 20 frames at once. With this feature, get the best photos in the action execution.

Brica B-PRO Alpha PLUS features a built-in Wi-Fi, which can be used to connect the B-PRO5α Alpha PLUS with your Smartphone. Use App that can be downloaded for free to make your Smartphone as a remote live video for the B-PRO5α Alpha PLUS you, both to control up to see the results.

Brica B-PRO5 Alpha PLUS 1

Widen your perspective with Wide Angle greater Brica B-PRO Alpha PLUS. Now viewing angles of 170 °like diving, wet, or do your actions in water with Brica B-PRO Alpha PLUS, now using a waterproof casing that is more developed that can be used to a depth of 40m.

Brica B-PRO5 Alpha PLUS