Canon PIXMA iX6520 Review

If we just described, you can go exactly after using the Canon Pixma iX6520. It can print as large as 13×19 inches on sheets, but it will cost just $ 200 plus price, it is relatively fast, and the print quality and longevity of the excellent output. But what do you give in this price? In short, you will not only sacrifice frills, but some near-standard features as well. For the beginning leave Canon Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

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Canon Pixma iX6520 is exceptionally compact for a printer with a 13-inch wide pull. Its 6.3 inches, 21.7 inches wide and a depth of 11.8 inches make it a great choice when space is a problem. For comparison: The Epson Stylus Photo R3000, which also has a 13-inch car, is 9 inches, 24.2 inches and 14.5 inches.

However, be aware that in both cases, the dimension when the printer is closed is not when it is achieved. When the input and output compartments are fully extended Canon Pixma iX6520, a printer about 16 inches high and 28 inches. Two telescopes to meet paper shape so that when you print a maximum sheet size (13×19 inches), the dimensions of the actual work will be somewhere in between. But check to see if the table space before diving into.

As with other Canon Pixma printers, Canon Pixma iX6520 has a sleek, rounded appearance with a black high-gloss finish. The housing is made of highly reflective plastic, which gives a modern ambience. Despite the low price for the wide format printer and construction, especially plastics, the iX6520 feels rugged and durable. It is also easy for its size cars; At 16.7 pounds, comes in barely half the weight of 35 pounds Stylus Photo R3000.

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Because Canon Pixma iX6520 has less functionality than most inkjet printers, installation is quick and relatively simple. The printer uses five ink cartridges, four of which hold dye-based inks (magenta, cyan, yellow, and black), and a (black) pigment-based ink. Black pigments are used to print text, while others are used for graphics and photos. One factor associated ink support: Canon Pixma iX6520 cartridge ships with full capacity, unlike partial starter cartridge capacities, which sometimes accompanies a cheap printer.

You install the print head before installing the ink cartridges. You have to look closely at the illustrations in Canon’s Started Getting Started Guide to the print head properly before inserting it into the built-in print head holder. If you look closely at both the print head and the print head representation in this manual, you can make the larger circular slot for the black pigment on the right as the left side to reduce the installation. Print head itself should last for the lifetime of the printer to Canon.

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Canon Pixma iX6520 has only one paper feeding tray, and how many sheets at once varies depending on the type and size of the paper after hold. The limitation could be a problem when you use Canon Pixma iX6520 to automate large document print jobs. The shell can be at a time, 150 sheets of plain paper, which is good, but the output tray can only catch 50 pages before you take your job. With photo paper, you can load 20 sheets of 4×6 inch bearings or 10 sheets 8.5×11. This number fell to only one sheet at a time, to use photo paper 13×19 inches.

Canon PIXMA iX6520