Canon Pixma MG5420 Review

Recognize Canon Pixma MG5420, a multifunction printer from Canon Mid-Range. While it certainly has had a rough spot, you get little more than what you pay when you decide to take it because it does very well with regard to details and color scale. In addition, if you are a member of a young family, this might be a good choice because it does not exhaust the combined CMYK ink cartridges, and has a wide range of print / scan options.

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If you are on the fence about what type of printer to buy, you can bridge the gap between “print only the photos” and the use of common families quite well. There are various options that are usually not found on comparatively cheap printers that brings Canon Pixma MG5420 on the table, and the performance for the price you can stretch your US dollars stretch far enough. It’s very good when looking at high-end Canon printers, but do not have the money or the confidence to spend big.


If you are looking for a small printer because you have space problems in a messy table, you might want to look elsewhere. This does not mean that the printer is large, ink spit monsters, but their profile is actually a bit heavy, considering that the entire disk space is free through a low profile that is lost to the extent of it. For those of you at home, safe knives to see if the table you can hold something that can hold 18.0 “x 14.6” x 5.9 “and weighs 17.5lbs.

Apart from the general thickness of the unit, functional properties are very useful. Not only does Canon Pixma MG5420 perform all the typical features of a multifunction printer -printing, scanning, copying, but also to print things like CD and DVD when you choose, and have a variety of network options that allows you to take pictures and others Files to print via wireless network or the Internet from a Smartphone or tablet.

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While Canon Pixma MG5420 driver comes with multiple software package selection, you can choose to not install it. However, I recommend the manual installation, the Adobe RGB color profiles and XPS drivers at least. This will help you sufficiently the opportunity to support daily, and if you want to do some print jobs more unusually, disk drivers will always be there.

Open the printer box can be a bit intimidating, but it should not have any surprises with it. In addition to a large amount of plastic waste you are welcomed; printers neatly packed in a box with all the items you need to go. If you prefer to set up via USB, you will get a Type A need to enter USB cable, however.

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Perhaps one of the best things about Canon Pixma MG5420 is ink management, although there are many true single ink cartridges out there. Since it is only one for the ink cartridge, replace the ink only reach the color you mean: you do not throw the whole cartridge cyan time expires and leave you with a photograph of the gross-looking. You can easily track the ink level in Canon Pixma MG5420 screen, and when it’s time to change the ink cartridges, what you need to do is pop the hood of the printer is open (it’s fun to think so, at least), and the screen will give you Say how to do the rest. It is very stress-free.

Canon Pixma MG5420