Canon Pixma MG6320 Review

Like most peripherals, you would not normally put the words “beautiful” and “printer” in the same set. But there is a new movement in the direction of making them looks as good as a home printer. Even if you do not have the Canon Pixma MG6320 ($ 200) for home entertainment consoles like the HP Envy 120 will be a sleek, makes good look the device match with the decor of the house. For the daily printing requirements, MG6320 will meet most home users. However, if you want to achieve the highest quality prints for the presentation, you should invest in some paper Canon.

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Features and Design

Canon Pixma MG6320 ($ 200) is a three-function printer offering printing, copying and scanning – no fax. It also does not come with the ADF. The lack of both a common feature in the AIO targeted home users, rather than the business market, so we do not see this as a minus. The unit itself is quite large, measuring 18.4 x 14.6 x 5.9 inches and weighs 18.4 pounds. The scanner plate located under the lid pull-pulls is annoying. There is a touch button power switch, but all the other controls are accessed via a color LCD touch screen of 3.5 inches.

When you turn it on, the display shows three options – copy, photos, and scan. Other features, including Wi-Fi setup, which is accessed by sweeping your finger right or left across the screen. This device has a slot for flash memory cards such as SD (“Photo” icon on the screen controls you can print directly from the card), but it does not have a USB port for USB sticks.

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Two paper trays delivered, under an oblique plate to the outside. The floor tub for the letter or legal format and has a capacity of 125 sheets. It’s not much, but if you make a lot of copies, it should be enough. To save paper, Canon Pixma MG6320 has a duplexer that allows for two-sided printing.

A second compartment, only above the letter / legal compartment, holds up to 20 sheets of photo paper 4 x 6 inches small. Canon has also included a separate tray on CD or DVD for printing. Installation CD, which came software utility to perform these actions, as well as providing image processing and other features.

Similar to the HP Envy 120, when you start printing or copying, the automatic output support extends to capture printed material. Canon Pixma MG6320 can handle about 30 sheets after the paper began to fall on the table or on the floor. Support output has a pull-out extender to resume the paper.

Canon Pixma MG6320 use more than the standard CYMK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) cartridge. Canon supplements this with two additional colors – photo black and gray photo. Each color, which is contained in a separate ink cartridge, and cartridges are available in standard and XL format. Canon does not provide for a good cartridge yields. The MG6320 is in the typical black or white case, which is unique. Canon no longer charges for the white model, but you may need to order because not everyone will have the white version bearing.

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Canon Pixma MG6320 offers excellent connectivity. You can connect via Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable or USB. If the Wi-Fi access point supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), simply press the WPS settings to access the Router / Access Wireless Settings item. If it does not support WPS, the Wi-Fi setup requires several steps.

Canon Pixma MG6320