Canon Pixma MG7120 Review

Canon Pixma MG7120 has a nice output quality and design. For a printer at this price, however, we had the ink to be slightly cheaper than she expected. We do not expect like the Pixma MG7120 as much as we tend to because we tend to be a printer with high black ink costs. But all in all experience and the print quality softens our attitude. At $ 200 (per 2013.10.30) were as good as you would get in a photo-oriented MFP, but yes, we’d rather pay a little less per page for ink.

Canon Pixma MG7120 3

Canon Pixma MG7120 has a diagonal edge designs are different for certain Canon printers from the past few years, and other design improvements introduced last year with his cousin, the Pixma MG6320. You control the printer’s front-panel touchpad: A 3.5-inch touch screen display contains most of the features, with context buttons that appear to be illuminated. It has a very short training time. They lift the plate to access the ink cartridges, rather than lift the entire bed scanner, like most multifunctional. They can be connected via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB.

Canon Pixma MG7120 comes with the usual arrangement of remote printing features (email, Wi-Fi, although no NFC) and Canon has apps for Android and iOS. The beds are top-mounted scanners A4 / Letter format with a lid that accommodate thicker materials inches or more telescope.

To get the best results from Canon Pixma MG7120, you should use a good photo paper that you will always get a few cents to come. But Canon could be better with ink Pixma MG7120 cost savings Used six-color system: black, pigment black, cyan, gray, magenta and yellow. All are available in standard and high-yield (‘XL’) capacity. In the capacity of a standard, a black page costs about 5 cents and 16.6 cents per four-color page.

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This does not include the additional photo black and photo gray, which contributes a small amount to a non-photo site. XL cartridge capacity is only slightly less: 4.6 cents per page for black and 12.7 cents for all four colors. If you occasionally-print ticket, web pages and the like-the MG7120 has a good fee. If you print a lot of monochrome business documents, not so much.

The output quality of Canon Pixma MG7120 is where he deserves his livelihood. Photos are outstanding to $ 200 photo printer and color palette well balanced, not too warm or cold. Sharp text, and there was nary an error in large black areas, which is where you usually see a problem with the printing system. No flaws, no vocation, no edge chaotic.

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The performance is better than the average for a photo printer. Subjectively, we never felt like we’ve waited too long for output flip-especially when using draft mode, the quality is good enough for most everyday applications (and find more ink stretch). By the numbers, text and monochrome of Canon Pixma MG7120 pages printed on an aggregated mixture of 8.6 pages per minute on the PC and 7.9 on the Mac. 4 inch from 6 inch photo to 2.7 are per minute for plain paper and 1.7 per minute for high gloss paper. A full 8.5 inch with 11 inch photo printed on the Mac lasted more than two minutes.

Canon Pixma MG7120