Lexmark Interact S605 Review

While the Lexmark Interact S605 is the most compelling printer we have ever tested, the Lexmark Interact S605 is a functional, easy-to-use interactive LCD. Home users and small businesses also appreciate the opportunity to cost professional graphics and text documents quality at speeds per laser printer’s rival churn, which is far more than $ 200 Interact. As long as you do not expect to produce quality photo kiosk, Lexmark Interact S605 is a worthwhile purchase.

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Features and design

The current Zeil printer Lexmark is the first to adopt a new, simple nomenclature and also has a complete redesign to adopt. Lexmark Interact S605 chassis looks almost identical to the less expensive line mate, the Lexmark Impact S305, with a simple silhouette and a perforated scanner cover that directly flair to another device created.

Foldable paper cassette of Lexmark Interact S605 pulls the paper in the device that passes through the process of spooling and extends from the tray to the lower lip. 100-sided paper input tray is open for a variety of media formats from letter to right thanks to the adjustable arm to envelope the incoming sheets corrals before they are fed into the printer.

The obvious differences between the two models are the LCD screen is a large 4.3-inch Lexmark Interact S605 that sits directly in the center of the control panel. In addition to a small card reader and a PictBridge USB port on the right, the LCD is most space-saving. We should also note that this Interact LCD button, the first time to put it into a fixed position. Depending on your work environment, you may prefer a printer that allows you to customize the screen for the best viewing angle.

You will see that the screen has only one physical button to press; the rest of the controls will appear on the LCD and appear only in accordance with the application you are using. On the right side of the screen is a button for printing / copying / scanning and “stop” to cancel a running job. Lexmark hopes that this strategy will alleviate confusion with printers that have associated with crowded cockpits, and we found a fluid user experience and more importantly, tailored to our preferences through its Smart Widget shortcut.

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Hit one of the plus sign Lexmark Interact S605 display guides you through the process of adding smarter to the start screen. First you need to register a username and password but you can connect the printer to the network physically via an Ethernet cable or you can connect wirelessly through the setup program to connect the driver.

Lexmark Interact S605 offers several free solutions in the library that you can add to your printer, shortcuts from the application right through to (Scan-to, Scan Fax, Copy, etc. email) to photo viewers (PhotoBucket, Picasa) and online Such as Google Calendar. Once you drag apps into a window for your printer, the software immediately provides more customization through different icons, re-labeling, print quality, etc.

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You can also customize each solution to a different setting. If you are satisfied with the order and layout of your new apps, take almost no time to synchronize them to Lexmark Interact S605 where they appear under the “Smartsolutions” on the home screen.

Lexmark Interact S605