Sony HDR-AS20 Review

In 2014 Sony has launched its latest generation HDR-AS20 had created camera market action (Action Camera). Sony HDR-AS20 has a point of image acquisition to 170 degrees and can be believed that the images obtained have a very nice sharpness. This caused wide lens range provided by the lens manufacturer in the world’s most famous Carl Zeis.

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The newspaper wrote about the digital camera review the specifications and price of the Sony HDR-AS20. Just weigh 58gr, the design is cute, but about the technologies that support them please in fights. Sony HDR-AS20 can produce Full HD video resolution 1080 / 1920p as well as photos and video with a resolution of 11.9Mpx. Everything, the sensor is sendor Exmor R CMOS with resolutions 16Mpx. When you wear it in a place that has poor lighting too, this camera is able to get a picture or video with perfect quality. This sensor can automatically synchronize the camera to the light conditions when taking pictures and video.

The recordings were very sharp and balanced when you use for recording video on a moving object because the technology of this camera is the Image Stabilization technology. It powered by the BIONZ Image Processor Sony Camcorder HDR-AS20 which makes the picture very clear and noise-free. Batteries used Sony Handy cam HDR-AS20 is NP-BX1 has the power to use up to 150 minutes.

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Although Sony HDR-AS20 is small does not change a lot of the same than the first model, but in its many experienced additions. Because this camera is intended for put on the area’s many moves, so the camera is equipped with SteadyShot Image Stabilision so that images created sharper able to adjust the camera with the state of the object and the balance from shock or movement so that the resulting picture is sharper and minimal impact wobble or without blur. Weight Steady Shot camera and features of the Sony HDR-AS20 is the main advantages that can be beneficial when used with this camera drone.

Sony HDR-AS20 is present in a complete set of accessories, ranging from the holder on the bike, used in drones, to create a strap placed on the dog’s back. This camera can be your friend for adventure begins with a dive to a surf board attached to, because this camera has a waterproof casing that comes together when mounted.

This camera has been supported by Wi-Fi, tablet or Smartphone is a tool created to operate it. Include the start / stop video, look at the process, and change the recording mode. If users want to operate 5 units HDR-As20 once can use Live View Remote is sold separately ways. USB ports, HDMI, microphone jack, and memory card slot is complemented by Sony on this camera.

At $ 300, Image Stabilization technology to make the recording sharper and stable when you use to record video with moving objects. Sony Camcorder HDR-AS20 equipped with BIONZ Image Processor which makes the picture more clear and noise-free. To produce incredible images, the Sony Handy cam HDR-AS20 has a camera with 11.9 megapixel resolution lenses that serve to produce high-quality photos. Exmor R CMOS sensor is able to automatically adjust the camera to the lighting conditions when taking pictures or video.

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For those of you who have a penchant for outdoor life very suitable to use the Sony Handy cam HDR-AS20 such as cycling, skateboarding, rafting and other extreme sports. Outdoor activities you can be recorded using a Sony HDR AS20 from mild to severe though.

Sony HDR-AS20